Today, large companies dominate the world’s wealth and resources both in our physical and digital worlds. Even as the number of sharing economies increases, network platforms still need to be run by intermediaries such as Uber, Airbnb and Instagram, all of whom are centrally managed and extract a significant portion of financial benefits from the networks. We believe that blockchain’s qualities — notably decentralized governance, an open, immutable ledger and the ability for peer-to-peer transactions — are providing the infrastructure to redistribute democratic participation and power.

Founded in Vancouver in 2017, Hex Capital invests in early-stage crypto assets and blockchain companies solving challenging and complex technological, social and financial problems. Our mission is to back founders innovating in the blockchain ecosystem through a data-driven approach. We spend time helping founders define KPIs and use data to better manage their companies. Having been entrepreneurs in the past, we back founders who want to build durable ventures that challenge the status quo and we support them from beginning to end. We believe that blockchain enables new business models that we are not yet aware. Thus, we encourage founders to explore and experiment in the crypto ecosystem. 

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