Our Team

Founder and Managing Partner

Ali Saheli is the founder and managing partner of Hex Capital. He is a venture capitalist who understands the challenges of starting a company. As a venture partner at 7 Gate Ventures, he led investments in thisopenspace, Spocket and Stay22. As an entrepreneur, Ali founded Foro, a marketplace for students to buy and sell goods based on geolocations and trusted peers. Between 7 Gate Ventures and Foro, he led the product group at Shippo, a multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce businesses.

William Phan

Head of Trading

William designed and built the algorithmic trading system at Hex Capital. He is an engineer with practical experience in a wide variety of fields. From low level ideas such as transistor logic to high level, abstract concepts like Galois fields, he uses his broad knowledge to develop novel trading strategies. William previously worked at Tesla Motors where he developed a system for validating charging system firmware in a simulation environment.

Yarco Hayduk

Blockchain Researcher

Yarco has in-depth understanding of innovative technologies and trends in the cryptocurrency space. His academic experience includes working as a post-doc at the University of British Columbia, Canada, in the area of Distributed Systems and Scalable Data Processing. He completed his PhD program at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, which focused on Distributed Systems, Concurrency and Transactional Memory. During his PhD studies, Yarco published research papers in the area of concurrent processing of book orders, and has deep understanding of exchange matching engines.


Nick is an analyst focused on decentralized finance at Hex Capital. Since discovering Bitcoin in 2013, he has analyzed and written about cryptocurrency. He regularly contributes insights and interviews to Forbes, LongHash, and other outlets in the space. Nick previously worked with Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC on the development of the company’s “EXODUS” lineup of Bitcoin smartphones and devices.